Refund Policy

Payments are due upon completion of the project. Accounts that fall past (5) days will result in suspension of service and must be paid in full before the project will resume. The Customer understands and accepts that delay in payments over (15) days may result in legal actions brought to collect monies owed to Contractor.

Customer understands that costs of such legal actions including without limitation, lawyer fees, cost and expenses may be passed onto the customer and customer accepts this condition. Contract shall be bindinginjure to the benefit of the parties and their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, or in the case ofbankruptcy, This contract can be canceled at any time with the Contractor’s written notice. Monies that aredue for services rendered will be due and payable upon cancellation. If canceled after(3) days, right to rescind 50% of the contract is due to the Contractor. Down payments are non refundable for any reason. By signing this contract you relinquish all rights to pursue The Roof Sharks, R5C Inc., its subsidiaries and owners for any reason. Down Payments are non-refundable for any reason. If Homeowner is found to hinder fore mentioned project by being untruthful or communicating through the workforce onsite and not our office. All work will cease immediately until a determination can be made on how to move forward and a revision is made to the existing contract. We reserve the right to stop work and pursue all legal action for the remainder of the contract. As of the date of the contract, the Homeowner has (3) three days to cancel this contract. After the 3 day period , per state law, the right to rescind is inapplicable & the contract is in full effect.